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How to Sow; How to Grow; Growing tips; Common Pests and Problems; FAQ .... This disease is worse in warm, wet or very humid weather. ... Aphids: Greenish, red, black or peach colored sucking insects can spread disease as they feed on ...

Fellow Gardeners, The information, dates and techniques in this blog are as accurate as I can currently offer. During the past three decades I have cared for, nurtured and observed tens of thousands of plants. Coreopsis verticillata 'Zagreb' (Tickseed) Blooming continuously from early to late summer, it gets in covered with a profusion of bright golden-yellow blossoms. The airy clumps of fine, threadlike foliage on upright stems add a lovely delicate texture element to the landscape. Euphorbia wallichii (Wallich Spurge) The foliage of pointed, green leaves, elegantly adorned with a white mid-rib, radiates from exquisitely branched coral red stems and turns to attractive shades of yellow or orange in fall, providing a long season of interest. Ice Cream Treats: Tips For Creating Ice Cream Gardens

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Red hot pokers strike a pose - GardenDrum Jun 29, 2014 · I must say I’m really enjoying the red-hot pokers flowering in my garden at the moment. Red-hot pokers or Kniphofia to give them their genus name, live up to their common name by sending up blazing torches of red and yellow flowers just when the garden needs a winter warm up. How to Grow and Care for Red Hot Poker, Torch Lily, or How to Grow Red Hot Poker Plant or Torch Lily Perennial, Tritoma. Drought and heat tolerant Red Hot Poker plants are easy to grow. They will do well in mid summer's heat, when other plants have wilted. They are great for arid, and semi-arid areas. You may know Red Hot Poker by another name.

Red hot poker – Kniphofia

Clumps of evergreen, spiky, upright, bluish-green leaves. Glowing, amber-cream pokers. July to October. Ht.90cm.(3ft.). Grow in sun and moist, well-drained soil. Very free flowering. Good for mixed borders. Red Hot Poker Seed - Kniphofia Uvaria Flower Seeds

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Want perennials for a lush green patio, balcony or garden? It can be done! We’ve got everything from long grasses and colourful flowers to decorative ground cover. Order online! Poker Face Kniphofia – Perennials | Spring Hill Nurseries Bred for extended bloom period, this exclusive variety of Red Hot Poker gives you more weeks of colorful drama in a summer border than any other on the market. Kniphofia (Torch Lily, Tritoma or Red Hot Poker) uvaria Pfitz “uvaria Pfitz” is the classic Red Hot Poker of old-fashioned gardens, highly variable even in its wild forms. Erect spikes lend themselves to a perfect accent plant. This plant is very attractive to butterflies, birds, and bees. Dealing With Pesky Garden Pests: Snails and Slugs

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Genus Kniphofia may be evergreen or herbaceous perennials, with linear or strap-shaped leaves and erect stems bearing a dense raceme of tubular, usually pendent flowers Details 'Nobilis' is a vigorous evergreen perennial to 1.5m or more, forming a large clump of narrow, arching leaves, with rich orange-red, tubular flowers in long spikes ... Red Hot Poker Plants Questions & Answers | Questions 1 - 7 What Pests Eat Red Hot Poker - I cannot identify any pests that would be eating the red hot poker. Can you give me a clue? It's… Q. Remove Last Year's Growth - Can you please tell me if I should remove last year's growth from red hot pokers? At the moment I… Q. Soil - What is the best soil type to grow Red Hot Poker plants named 'Tritoma ... 2.50 Qt. Pot Orange Flowers Poker Face Torch Lily ...